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Electronic Resource Troubleshooting Guide

Many issues can effect access to the library's electronic resources.  Below is a checklist to determine if the problem is on the library or user end.  If you are having access issues, please go through these steps and provide the necessary information to library staff.

Who has access?

Only enrolled students, university staff, and faculty (including emerita) have access to the library’s electronic resources. Library electronic resources have strict licensing agreements limiting use to only these populations.  View the library's Policy on Licensed electronic resource access.

Alumni, students taking non-credit courses (i.e. research) and Research Park employees do not have access to library electronic resources.

Students can access resources over the summer if they are registered for classes in the fall.

If you are not affiliated with the University, you can come to one of the University Libraries to access electronic resources from a wired library computer.  We cannot provide you with articles over email if you are not affiliated; you have to come to the library. You can also use publicly available research resources.

Am I on or off campus?

On campus: The library’s e-resources are available through any computer connected to the library’s network. 

If you are on campus and unable to access any electronic resources, check your IP address with http://whatismyipaddress.com/

On-campus addresses include:

If you are not in one of those ranges but are definitely connected to the campus network, contact ERTech and provide them your IP address.

Off campus: Always start from the Library Gateway. This will ensure you're prompted to authenticate (NetID and password) before going to one of the library's electronic resources. 

Even if you use the VPN, you may still have to authenticate.  Being logged into the VPN may not automatically grant you access to all library resources.  Going through the library website is the most reliable way to get to electronic resources.

Satellite internet users should always use the VPN

I'm using the VPN and still cannot access

Make sure you are using CITES VPN software with the "Tunnel All" field selected (as shown in the screenshot below).  More information is provided by Tech Services

Tunnel All

I still can’t access the e-resources. What next?

Start by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. Here are instructions on how to clear cache and cookies.

Try another browser. A few resources are not compatible with certain browsers, especially older versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

I am getting an error messages. 

Hostname Error: Copy and paste the error and send it to ERTech.

Certificate Warning: Some browsers do not automatically accept certificates created by the library. Add an exception for the library from the warning page.

Simultaneous Users or No seats available: Try again later. If this happens often with one resource, let ERTech know.

I am being prompted for a login at the resource page even though I am on campus/logged in.

It is possible that we do not have a subscription to that resource or there are problems with the resource.  Please contact our Ask A Librarian to verify subscription status. If we do have a subscription, contact ERTech.

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and still no luck.

Fill out an ERTech Request or Report a Problem if you are using the Online Journals and Databases tool.  It is best for individuals, not librarians, fill out this form as it records some information about your browser and location (on or off campus).

The Electronic Resource Management Team (ERTech) can assist with anything beyond what’s covered here. Include as much detail as possible, including: