Using Z39.50 with our SilverPlatter Databases

NOTE: For information on other Z39.50-compatible databases, see

If you wish to use a Z39.50 client to search our SilverPlatter databases, you'll need to configure your software with a few parameters. We have only tested this with EndNote 3.1.2, but other brands of client software should work also.

For EndNote specifically, first check our EndNote Connection Files page for a quick start.

These are the parameters you're likely to need. Your software might not need all of these.

Server Name: 
Server IP Address:            
Port:              210 
Element Set Name:  F
Record Syntax:     SUTRS
Username:          (none for on-campus use)
Password:          (none for on-campus use)
Database Name:     (see list below)

Database DescriptionName
Biological Abstracts up through 1997BI*
Biological Abstracts 1998-BX*
CAB AbstractsCI*
Food Science & Technology Abstracts (FSTA)FS*
GeoRef Records In ProcessNP*
GeoRef SerialsSJ*
Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA)LISA*
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)LL*
Modern Language Association (MLA) BibliographyMB*
Sport DiscusSP*
Social Work AbstractsSW*

NOTE: Make sure you include the asterisk (*) in the database names.

Access Restrictions

To comply with our license agreements, the Z39.50 server is configured to only allow access from machines with an Internet (IP) Address which belongs to the UIUC campus. This includes your home PC if you use the CCSO dialup modems to get your Internet access. With this configuration, no username or password is required.

If you require access to this service from off campus, you must first install and configure the UIUC VPN software. While using an active VPN connection, you should be able to access our Z39.50 service as if you were on campus.

UIUC Library Systems Office
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