The following assumes that you will be doing your copy cataloging in Voyager after exporting a record from OCLC.

  1. Under the Systems tab, check OK to Export (this will add UIU holdings for that record to the OCLC database).
  2. In the 040 field, add ≠e dcrmb immediately following ≠a, and ≠d UIU as the final element. Always do this, even for original records in which UIU is already in ≠a and ≠c of the 040 field, because it protects the record from overlay by automated updates.
  3. When you Save the record to the database, the system does an automatic authority validation check on all name and subject headings. If a heading is not in authorized form, search the Authority File in OCLC for the established heading, if one exists. Replace the unauthorized heading in Voyager, but if you copy and paste, be sure to correct all diacritics and delimiters before saving again. Delimiter symbols, diacritics, and some punctuation marks in OCLC, Voyager, and ESTC are not compatible and will result in an error message.
  4. To insert diacritics, under Edit choose Special character entry, which will open a new window from which you can choose the symbol you need to insert. Or, press Control+E to open the special characters window.
  5. Some function keys you will need to use:

    • F9 inserts the delimiter symbol ( ≠ ) for subfields
    • F4 adds a line below an existing line in the record, if you want to add a field there
    • F3 adds a line above an existing line in the record
  6. Right-clicking in the margin to the left of a variable field will allow you to choose from among several actions you may wish to perform on that field, such as deletion of it.
  7. Make all necessary corrections, additions, or deletions to the record as you see fit. If you add any 500, 655, or 7XX fields that are unique to the individual item in hand, always add ≠5 IU-R at the end of that field.

    • 500 Library’s copy lacking frontispiece portrait. ≠5 IU-R
    • 500 Inscribed in ink on verso of front fly-leaf: “Purchased by me, Cuthbert Schmellington, on April 1, 1822”. ≠5 IU-R 655 _7 Manuscript waste (Binding) ≠2 rbbin ≠5 IU-R
    • 700 1_ Swift, Jonathan, ≠d 1667-1745, ≠e former owner. ≠5 IU-R

When finished, be sure to Save the record again.