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en-5-1_5218759_01_web_copy_copyRBML Summer 2016 Exhibition:

"Erasmus and the New Testament"

Curated by Willis Goth Regier 


Commemorates the 500th Anniversary of the Publication of Desiderius Erasmus's Greek and Latin New Testament

Erasmus’ contemporaries called him the best of teachers, the prince of humanists, the most learned of men. He got his Doctorate in theology from the University of Turin and taught theology and Greek at Cambridge University. In his teaching and his books he declared the New Testament to be his book for a lifetime, “There is nothing that can so exactly represent, so vividly express, so completely show forth Christ as the writings of the evangelists and apostles.” He published the first Greek New Testament in print, prepared a new Latin translation of it, and wrote extensive annotations on its language and history.

The RBML exhibition will feature the major works of his long career, including the two most important editions of his New Testament, those from 1516 and 1519.

Opens May 5, 2016