Is Primo Right for Me?

Primo is a great tool for searching multiple library resources from one interface.  

If you are looking for a specific title, whether an article or a book, Primo is a great starting point because it searches a broad array of sources.

If you are an undergraduate and want a few articles on a topic for a research paper, start with Academic Search Complete or another general multi-disciplinary index.

If you want a combination of books, articles, ebooks, etc. on a topic, start with Primo or Easy Search.  Or better yet, try both, compare them, and tell us which worked better for you (and why).

If you want specialized information sources within a discipline or academic field, start with one of our specialized databases by subject or browse through our online journals and databases.

Your results searching Primo are likely to vary and you may find a large number of results for your search, or discover there are not many materials in your subject area.  If either of these happen, we suggest you revise your search by either adding additional search terms (if you get too many results) or removing or changing some of your search terms (if you get too few results).

Don't know what you want or where to start?  Ask a librarian for advice.

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