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Campus Preservation Working Group


The Preservation Working Group exists to assure the long-term access to the physical, electronic, and intellectual contents of the UIUC Campus’ cultural assets. These assets serve to support teaching, research, and public engagement activities across campus as well as document the University’s history and development. We support these goals across the UIUC campus by providing information and expertise in physical collections management, records management, preventative preservation, conservation, exhibit preparation, digitization, and care of digital objects, as well as other areas as needed. The Subcommittee additionally develops and maintains institutional guidelines for preservation, and acts as a final resource to assure that those items of enduring value receive appropriate care while they are entrusted to the University of Illinois.


The Preservation Emporium is the main public event sponsored by the PWG since 2006.  This informational event, held at the Spurlock Museum, welcomes visitors to meet and talk with preservation specialists whose expertise ranges from antiquities to modern digital media. Have you ever wondered how to preserve that old film of family memories or take care of Grandma’s quilt? Bring your small, hand-held items to the Museum or come with images of larger items and have your preservation questions answered by the presenting experts.  The 2014 Preservation Emporium will take place on February 8th, 2014 from 1-4 pm.

Prioritizing Preservation Needs on Campus

The Campus Collections Needs Assessment is a project of the campus’ Preservation Working Group (PWG) which was completed over the fall semester of 2009 and compiled during the spring semester of 2010.  Twenty-five units were included in the survey, including those self-selected by responding to our 2005 Preservation Needs Survey, units represented through membership in the Preservation Working Group, and other units identified by word of mouth via the first two groups. Data were gathered in-person by a graduate student working for the PWG.  The goal was not to collect comprehensive data for all units with collections, but, rather to represent a significant sample of the University’s larger holdings. The summary below highlights some of the most universal needs and opportunities observed.  A full report can be accessed here.


Jack Brighton. Assistant Director of Broadcasting, WILL AM-FM-TV

Christa Deacy-Quinn, Collections Manager, Spurlock Museum

Tammey Kikta Assistant Director for Artistic Services, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Laura Kozuch, Ph.D. Curator, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Patricia Miller Director, Illinois Heritage Association

Christine Saniat,Research Curator (Registrar), Krannert Art Museum

Jennifer Hain Teper (Chair) Head, Preservation & Conservation, University Library

Daniel Wiley, zoological Collections Manager, Natural History Survey