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Preservation Processing Policy for Gifts and Newly Acquired Older Materials


In order to ensure that the materials placed within our collections are both functional and structurally sound, the Library’s Preservation and Conservation Program will provide some services for gift collections and newly acquired materials that require treatment. This policy governs those services and the treatments offered.

Physical Considerations for Evaluating Gift Materials

The selection principles that subject librarians consider when acquiring new materials are valid for gifts and the acquisition of older materials as well. However, a number of physical criteria not generally considered when acquiring newly printed materials should be taken into account. These include:

Services Offered

When subject librarians process gift materials requiring treatment through the Library’s Acquisitions Unit, they will be instructed to complete an orange treatment streamer for those requiring repair and a white streamer for unbound materials.

Minor Damage and Repair

The Library’s Preservation and Conservation Program will offer the following services for gifts and newly acquired materials requiring treatment.

Excessive Damage

In some cases, materials entering the Library are so damaged that they are impossible to treat in a reasonably cost-effective manner. The following is a list of damage that is not cost-effective to treat on demand and are outside the scope of services provided:

Items otherwise meeting criteria for commercial binding but with insufficient inner margin (minimum of 3/8” inner margin). Subject librarians will be asked to identify funds to acquire a new edition or to have the item reformatted.

Excessive Repairs such as those listed below. Subject librarians will be asked to identify funds to acquire a new edition or secure necessary funds to have the item(s) conserved.

Brittle Books and Serials Requiring Immediate Reformatting

Should items be desired that contain any of these problems, the Head of Preservation will advise the collection manager how to secure services to address these issues. However, the costs for these treatments will be considered a part of the acquisition and the responsibility of the collection manager.