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Guides for Learning to Use the University Library System

This is a listing of general guides to assist you with finding information about various libraries, departments and services available at the University Library system.


Learn to Use the University Library System

The Basics, Instruction, Research, Tutorials and Library Video Network sections can all be accessed from this University Library's website.


Services for Visitors

Just visiting the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and want to check out our library facilities?  Find out more here!


University Library Guides and Handouts

Basic resource guides created by the University Main library


How do I .... ?

A simple guide through the research process created by the UIUC Undergraduate library.


How do I Find

University Library Circulation Information

Guides to Using the Reference Library

The reference library has created a useful list of guides to help you find a variety of materials.


Newspapers at the University Library

The University Library has a newspaper database available for you to search through the collection of current and older newspapers, from Illinois and beyond.

Using the University Library's Interlibrary Loan Service

The University Library will not always have what you need, but another library might. These guides will teach you how to find and request items through Interlibrary loan.

Reserves: Finding Course Reserves

Instruction on how to locate your class reserve material can be found here.


FAQ for Research Assistants working for others

Research assistants often utilize the library on the behalf of their employers.  This FAQ will guide you through topics such as checking out library items, copying, and requesting items all for your employer.


Teaching Support at the University of Illinois

Guides for faculty and staff about the library and online tools available to them can be found here.  These guides include help with creating course pages and instructional library sessions for you and your student.


Copyright and Scholarly Communication

An understanding of intellectual property is necessary for research at the University. These guides will help you with copyright in scholarly communication.

Technology Help at the University Library

The information access provided by University requires a variety of technologies. If you need help understanding wireless internet access, connecting your computer to our servers, printing your documents on campus or just general troubleshooting.


Departmental Libraries

Online Reference Collection

A brief list of the various online reference materials such at dictionaries, encyclopedias and almanacs can be found here.