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"How to" Guides for Library Users

These how-to guides are on various topics to aide in using library resources and finding information for the natural sciences.


Finding Information at the UIUC Library

Learn the basics of the UIUC Library system here! These guides will teach you how to get started searching, and checking out items from our system.


Using Online Catalogs and Finding Books

The UIUC Online Catalog allows you to search the collection material available on campus and the items available from other Universities through I-share.  These guides are here to teach you how to navigate the UIUC and I-share catalogs, and to find books you may want to pick up or request.


Finding Articles and Electronic Databases at the UIUC Library

When looking for a specific journal article you will need to know how to find the journal, either online or in print format.  Electronic databases are valuable tools to help you search through large amounts of journal articles and gather scientific information.  These guides will help you get started finding articles and searching through an electronic database.


Using Specific Journal Citation and Bibliographic Databases

Online tools have been created that simplify the citation process.  Most electronic databases contain a way for you to keep track of your references, these guides will show you how to utilize those bibliographic tools.


Using the UIUC Interlibrary Loan Service

The UIUC Library will not always have what you need, but another library might. These guides will teach you how to find and request items through Interlibrary loan.


Research at the UIUC

Beginning research is a multi-step process. These guides will help you through the various stages of research, from getting started, to creating a bibliography and to understanding copyright.