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Surface Waters of Illinois Counties

Example title pages of Surface Waters of Illinois Counties reportsReports on the surface waters of the Illinois counties were published by the Illinois Department of Conservation, Division of Fisheries between 1968 and 1975. They summarized the available data on the surface waters (e.g., rivers, lakes, and reservoirs), particularly with respect to their recreational value. The goal was to provide information to facilitate allocation of water use among competing needs, such as agriculture, industry, and municipal water supplies. In addition to inventories of surface water features, the reports covered water quality and pollution concerns, wetlands, fisheries and other recreational uses, as well as basic information on the geology, soils, physiography, drainage, and climate of the county. The digital collection in Illinois Harvest includes most of the reports issued. Digitization was performed by the University Library's Digital Content Creation unit.

NOTE:  The University of Illinois lacks digitizable copies of reports for Cook County, Grundy County, Pike County, Union County, and White County. There are no known library copies for Fulton County, Iroquois County, LaSalle County, McLean County, Peoria County, Putnam County, Woodford County.  If you have copies of any of these missing reports that you are willing to donate to the library for digitization, please contact us!