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Reference Data/ Image Sources & Pathfinders

Reference Data and Image Sources:


  1. Periodic table of the elements (© Yinon Bentor)
  2. NIST Elemental Data Index
  3. National Nuclear Data Center programs and data files


  1. NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
  2. Atomic and Molecular Data for Astronomy: by R.L. Kurucz and R.L. Kelly
  3. Your Sky: Star Map Maker



  1. The Net Advance of Physics
  2. WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics & AstroWeb
  3. WWW Virtual Library: Physics
  4. HEASARC: High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (NASA)
  5. PAMnet: The Physics/Astronomy/Math Division of the Special Libraries Assn.
  6. PhysLink
  7. The Nobel Prize in Physics