Susan E. Searing

Interim Associate University Librarian for User Services / Associate Dean of Libraries

246E Main Library

1408 W. Gregory Dr., MC-522, Urbana, IL 61801



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My research interests lie in the fields of library science and women's studies.  In the domain of library science, I research and design library collections and programs to support distance education, research and teaching in interdisciplinary fields, and information literacy.  I investigate and participate in the transformation of traditional library services to new service models, such as virtual libraries and embedded librarians, that respond to 21st century information seeking behaviors. I have recently begun exploring more historical topics, including the rise and decline of academic branch libraries. In the domain of women's studies, I have researched and contributed to the development of library collections and programs in support of feminist teaching and scholarship.  Currently, I am researching and documenting the evolution of the reference literature as women's studies emerged and matured as a field of inquiry.

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Recent Publications


Searing, Susan E. (2012, forthcoming).  In it for the long haul: lessons from a decade of assessment.  Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 6(3/4), 1-32.

Searing, Susan E. (2012, forthcoming).  "The special collection in librarianship": researching the history of library science libraries.  Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 53(4), 225-238.

Searing, Susan E., & Greenlee, Alison M. (2011).  Faculty responses to library service innovations: a case study.  Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 52(4), 279-294.

Searing, Susan E. (2011).  Grey literature past and present: the evolution of library annual reports.  International Journal on Grey Literature, 7(3), 147-152.

Searing, Susan E. (2007). Integrating assessment into recurring information literacy instruction:  a case study from LIS education.  Public Services Quarterly, 3(1/2), 191-218. [Published simultaneously in: Walter, S. (Ed.), The teaching library: Approaches to assessing information literacy instruction (pp. 191-218). New York: Haworth Press.] 

Searing, Susan E. (2004). All in the family: library services for LIS online education. Journal of Library Administration, 41(3/4), 391-405.  [Published simultaneously in: Mahoney, P.B. (Ed.), The eleventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference proceedings (pp. 391-405). New York: Haworth Press.]



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