New Appendix B with Implementation Plans

Recommendation # Specific Recommendations Implementation Phase Implementation Status New Cost TSCC Implementation Team
Recommendation #1 – Consolidate currently decentralized cataloging & acquisitions into CAM & ACQ Recommends the consolidation of the Library’s currently decentralized cataloging and acquisitions work into Content Access Management (CAM) and the Acquisitions Department, through both physical and virtual reorganization Within the next 12 months Plans have already started and will be completed by June 30, 2009 See below (many people will be involved)
Recommends the Library charge a second small group to submit new opportunities to the University Librarian for the creation of a new Technical Services leadership group Within the next 3 months Submit by April 30, 2009 Michael, Lynn, Shuyong, Atoma, Marek
Recommends that within the next three months the Head of CAM convene a team of librarians and staff to determine the most efficient way to perform quality control of metadata entering the Library’s catalogs, databases and repositories Within the next 3 months Submit by April 30, 2009 Qiang, Helen, Stephanie Baker
Recommendation #2 – More copy cataloging done in Acquisitions Recommends the transfer of four more copy catalogers to Room 12 to expand cataloging upon receipt of materials Within the next 3 months Will occur by Feb. 28, 2008 (meeting scheduled with Facilities for move) Michael, Lynn
Recommends that as CAM and Acquisitions have several retirements in the next year, that some of these funds go to setting up shelf-ready services with monographic vendors Begin within the next 6 months By end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2009)
Lynn, John Wagstaff, Qiang
Recommends that Acquisitions and CAM continue further coordination with the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Library to develop and implement a streamlined access plan to process all new Latin American Blanket Order (LABO) plan titles upon receipt after January 2009. Working collaboratively, Acquisitions and LAC staff will create brief level cataloging for LABO plan titles as they arrive Within the next 3 months Completed. Silda has started cataloging LABO materials Lynn, Paula Cairns, Silda Andrick
Recommendation #3 – Merge Slavic Acquisitions into Acquisitions Department Recommends that Slavic Acquisitions should physically consolidate with the Acquisitions department to better coordinate acquisitions functions and reduce redundancy of actions for ordering, receiving, serials check-in, and processing Within the next 6 to 12 months Will be implemented by April 2009 Lynn, Cherie, Janice
Recommendation #4 – Merge Slavic Cataloging into CAM Recommends that within the next three months a dedicated space be created in CAM that Slavic staff can use to work, interact with others, and help train and inform others in both units about Slavic cataloging procedures Within the next 3 months See below See below
Recommends that the ultimate goal (6-12 months) for Slavic cataloging staff should be a physical consolidation with CAM.  Within the next 6 to 12 months By April 30, 2009; Planning has started for Slavic Cat. Move to Room 220 Michael, Cherie, Marek
Recommendation #5 – Merge Government Documents technical service work into CAM and Acquisitions Recommends that within the next six months the GDL technical service personnel should be consolidated into CAM. The Acquisitions Department, CAM and Government Documents Library should meet to identify specific steps needed to transition to an integrated workflow, and, in written agreement, work out a detailed plan as to how to pull the technical services personnel into Room 220. Within the next 6 months By June 30, 2009 Michael, Lynn, David G., Mary Mallory
Recommends that GDL staff who are integrated into CAM should continue current work Within the next 6 months By June 30th, create Government Docs Cataloging and Processing unit within CAM Michael, David
Recommends that GDL work with CAM and Acquisitions personnel to explore the use of Marcive and/or Government Printing Office for not only electronic publications but print titles as well Within the next 6 months By June 30, 2009 Lynn, David, Mary
Recommendation #6 – Improve coordination of Asian Library technical services with Acquisitions and CAM Recommends that CAM, Acquisitions, and the Asian Library immediately meet to discuss how they will better coordinate their technical services functions. This collaboration will determine how the three units will work together in acquiring and cataloging materials, assessing workflows, and streamlining technical services processes. The three units will also create a detailed plan for integrating the Asian Library’s technical services personnel into CAM and Acquisitions when additional physical space is available. Within the next 3 months By Feb. 28, 2009 Michael, Lynn, Karen Wei, Shuyong
Recommends that Acquisitions, CAM, and Asian Library personnel immediately start working to create automated ways of searching and finding metadata records to have them populate the online catalog as quickly as possible, etc. Within the next 3 months Ready for FY 2009/2010 Lynn, Michael, Stephanie Baker, Shuyong
Recommends ongoing, frequent meetings between faculty doing Library acquisitions work to provide a frequent forum to talk and puzzle through many of the new initiatives, technologies, Voyager functionality, trends, vendors, and what other peer libraries are doing differently.  Within the next 3 months Start in Feb. 2009 Lynn, Qiang, Karen, Shuyong, Raj
Recommends that CAM and Asian Library technical services personnel meet immediately to discuss possibilities of CAM staff doing original cataloging, copy cataloging, retrospective clean-up of bibliographic records in the online catalog, help enhance records for Google Digitization, and retrospective work on backlogs Within the next 3 months Start in Feb. 2009 Michael, Karen, Lynn, Shuyong, Raj
Recommendation  #7 – Create a Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging, Metadata Creation, and Authority Control Recommends that the Library should do an internal call for individuals interested in becoming Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging, Metadata Creation, and Authority Control Within the next 3 to 6 months Put call out to Library by Feb. 15th;  have individual in place April 2009 Scott, Michael, Gail
Recommends that this position coordinate the metadata creation and bibliographic maintenance of the thousands of non-Roman language items to be digitized through the CIC Google Digitization and other Library digitization projects Within the next 6 months By April 30, 2009 Michael, Betsy, Atoma
Recommends that one of the first items on the priorities list for the Coordinator of non-Roman Cataloging, Metadata Creation, and Authority Control should be the production of a white paper to demonstrate how to better incorporate non-Roman languages into our bibliographic records, online catalog displays (including VUFind), and federated search capabilities Within the next 6 months By July 30, 2009 Individual named Coordinator
Recommends that this position become the resource for the Library in using new technologies and tools to enable additional library personnel to use translational software or programs on non-Roman language materials Within the next 6 months By August 15, 2009 Individual named Coordinator
Recommendation #8 – Pursue Additional Funding to work with East Asian, Slavic, Indian, and Middle Eastern resources Recommends the Library pursue an excellence hire of an individual who can work with non-Roman character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Russian or other Slavic languages, Malay, Tamil, or Indo-Aryan languages. Within the next 3 months Submitted to Paula by Feb. 28, 2009 $ 0 no cost to the Library; Gail, Marek, Karen
Recommends the Library create a budget of graduate/academic hourly funds to pull in individuals from the campus or community to help transliterate and create basic metadata records FY 2009/2010 Already in place ; use funds from CAM and ACQ $20,000 recurring Michael, Lynn
Recommends setting up a process with contract cataloging services to send materials (or scans of title pages) when needed FY 2009/2010 By FY 2009/2010 (see backlog recommendations) Between $12-$40 per title Michael, Lynn, Karen, Marek
Recommendation #9 – Create virtual reporting lines between Music Cataloging and CAM and have Music Library help with Library-wide projects Recommends that the Library immediately establish a virtually coordinated relationship between CAM and the Music and Performing Arts Library (MPAL); MPAL cataloging staff will remain in their present location but report organizationally to the Head of CAM to define cataloging priorities, daily workflows, training, documentation, updating policies and procedures, and hold monthly meetings By January, 2009 Completed ; cataloging staff in Music and Performing Arts Library have reporting lines to CAM as of Jan. 1st Michael, John
Recommends that the Music and Performing Arts Library faculty help in improving authority control measures in the online catalog; The Team recommends that a team, including Shuyong Jiang, Marek Sroka, John Wagstaff, Stephanie Baker, Atoma Batoma and Gail Hueting, be formed to create a plan to deal with authority control Within the next 6 months Written plan completed by May 30,  2009 Atoma, Gail, Shuyong, Marek, John Wagstaff, Stephanie Baker, MJ Han
Recommends that the MPAL Library be the first participant in the new program to work with Acquisitions and book vendor (when we know who is chosen through the ongoing RFP process) to have materials come in shelf-ready, reducing the need for some materials to be touched by Library staff Within the next 6 to 9 months By end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2009) Lynn, John Wagstaff, Qiang
Recommendation #10 - Expand Collaborative Model Between Information Processing Management (IPM) With other Technical Service units Recommends that this collaborative work environment be extended to the other technical services units as well. The more individuals we cross-train to be able to do this reserve work, the sooner the peak period of work gets completed each semester. This in turn will allow IPM (as time allows) to help with more of these digitization, cataloging and retrospective clean-up projects that pop up each year Within the next 6 to 9 months This has already started. IPM is helping with several NSM retrospective clean-up projects Mary, Michael, JoAnn

Recommendation #11 – Better utilization of LC Classification at UIUC Library Recommends that a small team be formed, pulling from Music and Performing Art Library, Asian Library, and other libraries currently using LC Classification and other Technical Services and Public Services units, to create of a white paper to explore possible use of LC Classification at the UIUC Library. Within the next 6 months White paper should be completed by June 30, 2009 Gail, Michael, Shuyong, John, Fung Simpson, Kathleen Kern, Helen Zhou
Recommendation #12 – With few TS faculty hires coming in the near future, pull civil service staff into doing higher-level work Recommends that a small group be created to propose possible staff throughout the technical services units who could create original MARC or Dublin Core records (that can be cross-walked into MARC records through an automated process at a later date). Within 4 weeks, the small group would recommend a team of staff who can help create metadata for these backlogs Within 2 months
By March 15, 2009 Qiang, Fang Gao, Atoma, MJ Han
Recommends the formation of a swat team of graduate hourly individuals to target certain backlogs of materials and create minimal-level records to be added to locate online catalog and also OCLC WorldCat to provide a basic level of access to UIUC users and users worldwide Within the next 3 months This has already started with various cleanup projects to send items to Oak St. Pull from Technical Service budget Michael, Lynn, Fang, Shuyong
Recommendation #13 – Outsource some complex and original cataloging Recommends that within the FY 2009/2010 budget, the Library create a pool of money (around $30,000 to $40,000) that can be budgeted to outsource some of our more difficult items to catalog to one, or several, of these contract cataloging services FY 2009/2010 See backlog plan sent to Budget Group – to start as soon as possible $30,000 Michael, Qiang
Recommendation #14 – Do more original cataloging and enhancement of records in OCLC WorldCat Recommends that we reorganize our technical services operations and personnel to have more of the straightforward and ordinary materials cataloged upon receipt in Acquisitions, getting more materials in that are shelf-ready and go straight to the shelves upon receipt, have students work with materials they are capable of cataloging, and automating bibliographic and authority control maintenance Within the next 6 to 9 months Immediately – CAM is going to set up workshops to show best ways to accrue credits in OCLC in Spring 2009 Gail, Qiang, Atoma, Fang
Recommendation #15 - Bridge the service gap between full text access and print holdings Recommends that the Library immediately create a team of librarians and staff from Technical Services and Public Services to build the services needed to give our users seamless access to our print holdings at both the article and chapter level content Within the next 3 to 6 months This work has already started but will be accelerate over the next 3 months Lynn, Wendy, Janet Weber, Helen Zhou
Recommendation # 16 - Expand retrospective and cleanup bibliographic work to unit libraries by Web Services Recommends that a web service be created that would allow individuals across the Library to search across the Web to discover bibliographic records or data to pull into our online catalogs and search environments Within the next 3 months Have web service available by August 2009 – involve Grainger GAs to help create federated search and task management Michael, Bill Mischo, Stephanie Baker, Mary Laskowski, MJ Han
Recommends that a small group be formed to study feasibility of involving librarians, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees from across the Library to help with this work. Within the next 3 months This work has already started and many more Library personnel will be pulled into this work Qiang, Michael, Fang, David