10/09/08 Stuff Session


  • Welcome and NSM updates (JoAnn Jacoby)
  • CPLA-ACES Report (Sue Searing & the folks from ACES)
  • Trivia and Prizes
  • Scholarly Commons Report (Scott Walter)
  • Digital Content Lifecycle Management Report (Michael Norman)


CPLA-ACES [ PowerPoint pdf]

Scholarly Commons [ PowerPoint pdf]

Notes from the session


  • Final report is in draft form and almost complete.
  • CPLA closed at the end of the spring semester and moved all items to Funk-ACES over the next 6-8 weeks.  The move went smoothly and ahead of schedule.
  • Pat Allen and Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts shared their thoughts and experiences about the move.
  • These experiences are being documented for use by future implementation teams.

Scholarly Commons

  • Scott discussed how the team looked at other academic libraries in order to try to carve a uniquely Illinois look at how to best address faculty and student needs through a Commons.  They wanted the framework to encompass traditional library services plus new, and changing, needs.
  • He shared lessons learned and findings in the presentation.
  • The Scholarly Commons Leadership Team Report will be reviewed at the October 27, 2008 Executive Committee meeting.

Digital Content Lifecycle Management

  • Michael briefly reviewed the history of digital projects at the Library.  In the last 2-3 years, the Library received an infusion of funding to focus on digitization and identifying collections to make accessible. 
  • The team is working to streamline digital work in the Library, create a sustainable model for a program encompassing all phases of the digital lifecycle, and involve more people in the process of building digital collections.
  • The Digital Content Lifecycle Management Team Report identifies 6 critical areas to grow a sustainable digital program in the Library and will be reviewed at the October 27, 2008 Executive Committee meeting.