2/17/09 Stuff Session

Stuff Session Chris and Jodi


  • NSM Updates (JoAnn Jacoby)
  • Technical Services Coordination and Consolidation Team Report - Implementation Update (Michael Norman)
  • Fostering excellent "customer service" for library users (JoAnn Jacoby)
  • Prize drawing that featured exciting new donations


NSM Updates [ PowerPoint | pdf ]

Fostering excellent "customer service" for library users [ PowerPoint | pdf ]

Notes from the session

NSM Updates

  • JoAnn provided updates on specific teams and programs including: LIS, Stacks Services, Digital Content Lifecycle, Scholarly Commons, and Technical Services.
  • JoAnn also discussed guiding principles for the new models and that no library is an island from the user's perspective.

Technical Services Team Report - Implementation Update

  • Michael noted that many of the recommendations are in progress (e.g. Slavic cataloging moving to CAM).
  • He also provided specific information in response to questions from staff involved in these changes.

Fostering excellent "customer service" for library users

  • JoAnn discussed the results of a collaborative working meeting of the Customer Service Working Group.  This group was charged with articulating goals and standards for service.
  • Details about the Customer Service Working Group are available on their website: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/committee/cswg/.