Stacks Report: Appendix B

Summary Table of Recommendations of the Stacks Services Working Group

Category Recommendation Implementation Phase Cost
Collection Management Implement Prof. Mgmt. Practices: Appoint Collection Management Librarian or Academic Professional Phase One
Write job description; get EC approval
$50,000 (recurring) if new hire; less if transfer/ reassignment
Protect Special Collections: Remove rare, fragile, or at risk items from Main Stacks to Rare Books Oak Street or other units with mediated service points Phase One Additional resources may be needed for large project (unable to complete with current resources); may be manageable in smaller projects
Limit Number of Holdings: Cap number of copies of titles to be held in Stacks Phase Two (after processing of previously selected serials to OS and Special Collections needs addressed).
Policy development is relatively immediate, but should limit to post-1945 titles to ensure bibliographic variants are not inadvertently transferred
Operational costs of transfer to Oak St. (Additional resources may be needed)
Make Use a Defining Criterion: send items to Oak Street that have less than moderate use or that have adequate digital surrogates Phase Two
Fold into transfer of materials to new Oak Street module
Additional resources may be needed
Government Documents: Monitor Professional Developments NA NA
Asian Library: Limit to Existing Space Policy No additional cost
Folios and Minis: CDC appoint task force to evaluate folios housed in the Main Stacks and to consolidate folios into a single folio shelving area in the Main Stacks Phase Two Additional resources will be needed based upon project-specific staff costs
Record Clean-up: Clean up serials records for serials identified for transfer to Oak Street FIRST PRIORITY (some work currently in progress; large-scale project in planning stages) Additional resources or contract catalogers will be needed based upon specific staff costs
Retrospective Reference: Requires resolution to Serials Display Staff costs based upon project proposals; Binding costs (operational)
Serials in the Stacks: CDC appoint a task force to evaluate serials received directly in the Main Stacks and recommend transfer to appropriate departmental libraries or smaller serials display area in a more accessible public space; Close the Stacks Serials Display. Phase Two;  high priority for phasing Retro Ref. Staff costs based upon project-specific recommendations
Shift: Complete shift of collection in Main Stacks Phase One;
Dependent upon processing previously selected serials for OS; See Record Clean-up Above
Operational costs:  Additional resources will be needed
Staff/Operational Improvements Sort: No change recommended NA NA
User Environment Accessing the Stacks: Reconfigure circulation desk and entrance to Main Stacks Phase Two Project cost (estimated at $100,000)
Implement Security Procedures: Bag lockers/check and Identification Ongoing (in progress) None additional
User Environment: Install emergency lighting and signage addressing life safety needs Phase One Library should explore resources  external to Library operating budgets
User Environment: Work with CITES to improve cell coverage above current minimal service provided by existing Verizon repeater Phase One
User Environment: Provide Appropriate Environment for Users (HVAC) Begin as funding available Requires resources  external to Library operating budgets
Lighting the Stacks: Replace Incandescent Bulbs Phase One Project dependent
Patron Seating: On each level of the east stacks near the green elevator,  provide 1-2 networked computers, a printer and a scanner Phase Two Computing is largely present. Missing computers can be relocated from low-use locations. Printers can be relocated from offices given networked printers.
Patron Seating: Provide a fixed tripod near the folio shelving Phase Two $3,000 (est.)
Patron Seating: review carrel use and consolidate carrels; take doors off vacated carrels and install cool  task lighting and comfortable chairs Phase Two Project dependent
Wayfinding/Signage: Complete signage plan for University Library Priority Two – following Main Library Feasibility $10,000+ for plan, plus costs for signage and mounting
Wayfinding/Signage: User Environment: Large, sturdy  sign across from each elevator Phase Two $3,000 (est.)
Wayfinding/Signage: develop and keep updated a “you are here” map for each floor to be posted near elevators Phase Two Minimal
Wayfinding/Signage: create permanent display of FAQs and stacks maps for Deck 5East; create flyer with basic information about how to find a book in the Main Stacks Phase Two