Stacks Services - Folios and Minis in the Stacks


Several years ago, the Book Stacks Reorganization Task Force recommended that the Library create a folio storage area. Over the past several years, the Preservation and Conservation Program invested significant resources in providing protective enclosures for stacks folios in preparation for the move proposed by the Book Stacks Reorganization Task Force. Unfortunately, the recommended creation of a folio storage area was never executed.

As part of the new service model programs the stacks services planning team recommended that the library plan to better house and manage the folio and mini collections in the Stacks. The team further recommended that the Library charge a task force with completing an evaluation of all folios currently housed in the Main Stacks to identify and develop an appropriate shelving location, that the Main Stacks dispose of the free-standing units that obstructed traffic along the Main Stacks' exterior aisles, and that all bottom shelving in the second addition of Oak St. not occupied by flat storage be reserved for additional map or folio storage needs. Lastly, for preservation reasons, folios should be restricted to in-building circulation only. In addition to the folios, miniature volumes shelved within the Main Stacks should be assessed for quantity and appropriateness of management as RBX/RBOS items.

The Executive Committee approved this agenda and the following recommendations have been made by the subcommittee:



The folios currently located in the Stacks will ultimately be housed on Deck 5 East in the fifth addition (located just before the entrance to the west stacks). Shelves will be arranged in a way similar to the RBML configuration, with a limited number of items per shelf. As this initiative is a lower priority than other current projects taking place in the stacks such as the creation of a retrospective reference collection and the relocation of serials to Oak St, the implementation of this recommendation will be gradual and take advantage of time and resources as available. In the meantime, the Art and Architecture Library will review the items in this category in order to identify items appropriate for relocation to Oak St. Each free standing folio cabinet will be removed from the stacks as it is emptied.

Once relocation of the folios has begun relocated, Central Access Services will begin the process of identifying and retrofitting existing private study spaces to create both open studies for the review of these materials and an area that can be equipped with a camera stand to serve individual users.

The initial recommendation that Folios be moved to a building use only status was endorsed by the membership, but to balance the need to protect them from theft or damage with the need to have these materials accessible to scholars prior to their relocation to a central area with adequate facilities for use and duplication , we recommend that this change in circ status not take place until the materials currently occupying the proposed space are removed, the shelving is adjusted, and the items are transferred into the space.


The miniature volumes are shelved in the Deck 5 front area in the east stacks on shelves that are not suitable for large volumes. Since these miniature volumes do not take up much space, are not in the way of other items, and do not fit the selection criteria for the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, it was determined that the best course of action at this time is to leave these volumes in place.