Social and Applied Health Sciences Planning Team

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Social and Applied Health Science Planning Team Members

Library Faculty:

  • Lori Mestre, Team Leader
  • Mary Beth Allen (Applied Health Science)
  • Karen Hogenboom (Data Services & GIS Librarian, Reference, Research & Government Information)
  • Jenny Johnson (Map and Geography Library)
  • Nancy O'Brien (Education and Social Science Library)
  • Lisa Romero (Communications Library)
  • Yoo-Seong Song (Business & Economics Library, Labor and Employee Relations Virtual Library)
  • Beth Sandore, Administrative Liaison

Library Staff:

  • Zoe Revell, Business & Economics

Campus Faculty:

  • Diane Beck (Assistant Professor, Psychology)
  • Joe Mahoney (Professor, Business Administration)
  • Anna-Maria Marshall (Associate Professor, Sociology and Law)
  • Scott Johnson (Professor, Human Resource Education, Associate Dean and Director of International Programs, and CIO of the College of Education), replacing Thomas Schwandt (Professor & Chair of Educational Psychology)
  • William Stewart (AHS Associate Dean & Professor, Recreation, Sport and Tourism)