Charge for Retrospective Reference Collection Implementation Team


The Retrospective Reference Collection Implementation Team will provide leadership for the establishment of a Retrospective Reference Collection (RRC) to be housed in the Main Library Bookstacks. The RRC will:

1) define a collection profile for the RRC, including criteria for identification of materials as appropriate for housing in the RRC, in consultation with Library colleagues;

2) identify collection management projects in the Main Bookstacks that must be completed prior to the establishment of the RRC, as well as articulate how transfer of materials into RRC may dovetail with other collection management projects, e.g., transfers to Oak Street, "Big Shift";

3) identify the facilities footprint for the RRC and align RRC facilities planning with the ongoing Main Library/Undergraduate Library feasibility study;

4) identify any service issues or changes to access policies that may be required by the establishment of an open RRC within the Main Library Bookstacks; and,

5) create a plan for the phased transfer of selected materials into the RRC beginning in Summer 2008.



  • Jo Kibbee, Team Leader
  • Mary Burkee
  • Matt Emmert
  • Kathleen Kluegel
  • Diane Schmidt
  • Scott Walter, ex officio

Approved by Library Executive Committee, 12/14/2007