Reference NSM report approved

Jul 15, 2011

EC has carefully reviewed the Reference Services Implementation report and recommended to Dean Kaufman that it be accepted with some revisions and amendments. The amended version of the report has been posted to EC website, and will be posted to the NSM site as well.  The amendments and revisions are as follows:

  • "Reference" was added the name of the unit, so that it will be called "Reference, Research and Scholarly Services"
  • The vision of goals for the new unit, adapted and expanded from the Reference Planning Team report, have been brought forward into this document, as well as some language to emphasize the collaborative nature of the work RRSS will be doing.
  • Language was added to the position description further clarifying the scope of responsibilities.

As the first steps in enacting this report, a search for the  Reference, Research and Scholarly Services unit will be opened later this summer and the Reference Services Committe will be convened starting this fall.