Open Sessions on Jan. 22 & 26

Jan 18, 2010

Four of the five teams convened this fall have submitted their recommendations (the fifth, the International and Area Studies Implementation Team, is scheduled to complete their work by March 19).

The reports are available on the Team pages, along with meeting minutes, results of user surveys, etc.:

The Team pages also link to summaries of open meetings previously held:

A back-to-back open meeting to get feedback on the draft recommendations from the Health and Biology Teams will be held on January 22, 2-4 pm in 66 Library.  That session is geared toward the campus community, with discussion of the Health recommendations leading the program at 2 pm and Biology starting at 3 pm.

An NSM stuff session geared toward Library staff, with all four Team Leaders briefly summarizing the recommendation from their team, is scheduled for Tuesday January 26 from 1-2:30 pm in Grainger Commons.