NSM moves to 302 Library

Nov 3, 2010

JoAnn Jacoby, NSM Coordinator,  has accepted a one-year renewable appointment as interim head of Reference, Research and Government Information Services (RRGIS) effective October 16, 2010.  She will spend 75% of her time in this leadership role and 25% of her time as New Service Models Coordinator.  In accordance with this shift in duties,  she has moved to 302 Library, located in the 300 office suite (accessible via the east elevator).

JoAnn appreciates your support as she gradually lets go of her old duties and turns toward the new.  This shift is well-timed to coincide with the Library's transition from a formal NSM program to an organization that is continually evolving to ensure that we fulfill our mission to be "central to intellectual life of the University" and a "worldwide leader in the dissemination of knowledge through our remarkable research collections, outstanding services, innovative technologies, and exceptional faculty and staff."