Government Information Team Charged

Aug 20, 2008

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Government Information Services Team, one of the initiatives in the New Service Model Program.

The following individuals have agree to serve on this team:

  • Janis L. Johnston, Director, Law Library (Team Leader)
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Government Documents Staff
  • Mary Mallory, Government Documents Faculty
  • Beth Woodard, Central Reference Service Faculty
  • Mary Laskowski, Technical Service Faculty or Staff
  • Cherie Weible, Central Public Services Faculty
  • JoAnn Jacoby, Administrative Liaison

Government Information Services Team Charge

UPDATE (9/5/08): Under it's new policy, instituted after the initial vetting and approval of this charge, the Library Executive Committee (EC) put this charge out for public comment.  Having received no comments other than a generous offer of assistance, EC reauthorised the Team at their September 4th meeting.