Report Addendnum & Next Steps

Feb 13, 2012

After discussing the Business Information Services Team Report (January 4, 2012) and considering the comments received, the University Library Executive Committee met with Becky Smith and Scott Walter on Monday February 6, 2012 to discuss next steps.  EC offered some ideas for moving forward that were largely in keeping with the directions suggested by the Team, but in some cases go further than what the Team had proposed.  A number of decisions regarding how the new model for Business Information Services will be implemented were made during these discussions, outlined in the  Business Information Service Team:  Addendum to the Final Report and Next Steps.

The new directions will require some further discussion and the resolution of specific issues.  EC is therefore asking that the team reconvene to consider those issuess and write a brief report outlining their recommendations due to the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries by March 15, 2012