2009 New Service Model Report

Jul 8, 2009

The 2009 New Service Models Report has been submitted to the Provost.  It was revised with input from the June 17 open meeting for Library faculty and staff, review by the Executive Committee, and comments from the Library and the campus communities. Revisions to the June 4 document include:

  • The introductory section, including the discussion of vision and overarching goals, was expanded following comments at the Library open meeting and a meeting of the Senate Committee on the Library
  • Appendix 2, which summarizes the costs, savings/opportunities to reallocate and benefits of all completed projects was added in response to comments from the Senate Committee on the Library.
  • The International and Area Studies section was expanded following comments at the Library open meeting, the Senate Committee on the Library, and a meeting Dean Kaufman had with the Humanities Council Executive Committee, LAS Administration, and the Provost
  • An earlier draft was shared with heads of units that had been significantly affected by NSM activities and with the leaders of the NSM teams that are discussed in the report; this resulted in several small changes and clarifications in a number of areas (e.g., a correction regarding the status of physical renovations to the Physics space)