Literatures and Languages Implementation Team

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Revised Final Report and Recommendations (July 2010) [pdf]

Final Report and Recommendations (May 2010) [pdf]

Charge (February 2010) [pdf]

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Staffing Recommendations (March 2010) [pdf]

Planning Team - minutes and documents

Literatures and Languages Survey (November 2009)

Network Graphs for English and Modern Languages


Implementation Team Members:

Library Faculty and Academic Professionals (AP):
  • Marek Sroka, Acting Head, English Library (Team Leader)
  • Robert Cagle(AP), Cinema Studies and Comparative Literatures
  • Paula Carns, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Librarian
  • Harriett Green, English Librarian
  • Jo Kibbee, Acting French Librarian, Reference, Research and Government Information Services
  • Bruce Swann, Classics Library; Acting Head of Modern Languages and Linguisitics
  • JoAnn Jacoby, Coordinator, New Service Model Programs  (Administrative Liaison)

Faculty from outside the Library:

  • Dara Goldman, Associate Professor of Spanish; Center for Global Studies; Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Gender and Women's Studies; Latina/Latino Studies; Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
  • Renée R. Trilling. Assistant Professor of English, Comparative and World Literature, Criticism and Interpretive Theory, and Medieval Studies


  • Tony Hynes, Modern Languages Library