Library Organization Working Group

About this project

At a March 30 retreat with the Library Executive Committee, Administrative Council and the Library's Administration, those assembled agreed that a group should be charged to "begin the process of transforming the University Library’s decision-making, divisional, and overall organizational structure in order to develop a more streamlined processes that respect our history of shared governance while enabling the University Library to more nimbly meet the functional requirements necessary to operate effectively in the 21st Century."

Following that meeting, a group met (minutes [ pdf]) under the charge [ pdf] provisionally approved at the March 30 retreat.

The Library Executive Committee is currently drafting a revised charge for a group addressing a smaller set of fundamental issues.  The reconstituted group will be asked to begin this process by focusing on an examination of the problems connected with the current decision-making process: what is and what is not working and where are the points of confusion or disjuncture.  Once rewritten, the charge will be posted for comment.  A list of the group's new membership will also be posted.