Minutes -- December 18, 2008

Area and International Studies New Service Model (NSM) Team
December 18, 2008, 3:00-4:45

Present:  Barbara Ford, Chair, Jan Admczyk, Merle Bowen, Paula Carns (minutes), Shuyong Jiang. Al Kagan, Andrew Orta, Susan Schnuer, John Wagstaff and Scott Walter

I.   Introductions

II.  Distribution and explanation of informational packet containing NSM Principles for Decision Marking, charge, list of team members and NSM Assumptions

III. NSM Assumptions-a good deal of time was spent discussing the NSM assumptions that Barbara had drafted in consultation with Paula Kaufman, University Librarian. Notes for those assumptions questioned or discussed are as follows:

  • The current service model is not sustainable so things cannot say as they are.
    Questions: Which aspects are unsustainable? Economic or intellectual. The committee feels that both of these aspects must be considered when evaluating the current model. It was suggested that the appropriateness of the model be considered. Is the current model even appropriate?
  • All library international activities should have a seamless connection.
    Examples of current ruptures were given to clarify the need for a seamless connection. The committee agreed that the activities include public service as well as collection development. We discussed obstacles to publicizing library services, especially the undergraduates, who often turn to the Undergraduate Library or Main Reference.
  • Subject specialists may work with other library services providers at various service points.
    Current examples were givens, such as The Modern Languages and Linguistics Library's office hours in the Foreign Language Building.
  • There will be no new resources for staff or collection in the near future (next 2-3 years).
    With regards to staff, Scott Walter pointed out that the Library has had to close recent searches and will not be able fill any vacancies in the near future, that is, in the next 2-3 years. This means that there will not be a search for a Latin American and Caribbean Librarian. The collections budget will not increase and due to inflation will diminish by around 10%. The committee feels that the lack of new resources will negatively affect services and recommend that the negative effects of fewer librarians and staff should be mentioned in its report. 

IV.    Each subgroup recapped recent proposals, which will be posted on the NSM website. In order they are:

V.      Assignment for next meeting, which will be held January 15, 2009, 3-4:30, 428 Main Library: 1. Review materials distributed today; and 2. Start a discussion over email answering the following questions:

  • What would be the characteristics of a  NSM for international and area studies broadly defined to support the campus?
  • What would define success?