Health Information Services Planning Team

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NSM Stuff Session, January 26, 2010
Open meeting, January 22, 2010

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Health Information Services Team Membership

Campus Faculty:

  • Susan Farner (Lecturer, Kinesiology and Community Health - health policy/admin)
  • Charissa Lansing (Associate Professor, Speech & Hearing Science)
  • Steve Leigh (Professor, Anthropology, Surgery; Affiliate, Institute for Genomic Biology, AHS Initiative on Aging)
  • William Stewart (Professor, Recreation, Sport and Tourism; AHS Associate Dean)
  • Synthia Sydnor (Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health - humanities)
  • Kelly Anne Tappenden (Professor of Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Physiology, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition)
  • Ken Wilund (Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health - life/behavioral sciences)

  Library Faculty:

  • Linda Smith, (Graduate School of Library and Information Science), Team Leader
  • Mary Beth Allen (Applied Health Sciences Library)
  • Mary Shultz (Health Science Library, Urbana Campus)
  • Annie Paprocki (Anthropology and Sociology Librarian)
  • Greg Youngen (Veterinary Medicine Library, Life Science Division Coordinator)
  • Beth Sandore (Associate University Librarian for Information Technology Planning and Policy), Administrative Liaison

Library Staff:

  • Wendy Gregory (AHS Library)