Government Documents Technical Services Integration

Working Meeting & Retreat Minutes

May 13, 2009

Attendees: Stephanie Baker,  Fang Gao, MJ Han, Eleanor Hornbacker, Gail Hueting, Qiang Jin, Mary Mallory, Kevin McLaughlin, Michael Norman, Paula Reveal, Marek Sroka, Lynn Wiley.

Absent:  Atoma Batoma, David Griffiths

Facilitators:  JoAnn Jacoby, Janis Johnston


1. Welcome, purpose and goals for this meeting

2.  Introductions (name, title/current roles and responsibilities)

3.  Opportunities and aspirations

  • Make records available in SFX, ORR, and Easy Search
  • Serial pattern records
  • Cross-training
  • Sharing knowledge/colloction of catalogers
    • Proximity facilities
    • Communicate
  • Reduce backlogs
  • More opportunities for Gov Docs Staff to start special projects
  • Streamline easy/routine stuff to focus more effort on the unique and difficult
  • Centralize maintenance
  • Have diverse group to develop training for new catlog rules
  • With changes in access/digitization opportunities to share metadata/Su Docs
  • Batch processing; vendor loads
  • Better process through integration
  • Maintain connections to subject specialists
  • Opportunities to raise gov docs processing to level of other materials
  • Get everyone using consistent standards and process
    • Lead the way, work out kinks

4.  What do we need to do to make this work? What issues need to be resolved?

Workflows and processing

  • Serial pattern records
  • Students? supervision
  • Automating processing
  • Shelf space
  • Look at integrating some procedures


  • Environment - docs. Corner?
  • Involve facilities and IT
  • Working conditions - big table for maps, etc., depository boxes, staging area for shipping
  • Shelf space
  • Processing area

Training and orientation

Coordination and leadership

  • Unit within unit (webpage)
  • Need to maintain connection to subject specialists

5. Assignment of working groups based on #4.

Workflows and processing

  • Paula
  • Eleanor
  • Someone from Acquisitions to work on serial pattern records?


  • Michael
  • Marek
  • Mary

Training and orientation

  • Gail
  • Kevin
  • David
  • Fang

Coordination and leadership

  • Michael
  • Mary
  • David
  • Qiang