Reference and Government Information Librarians Working Group

Working Meeting Agenda

May 13, 2009, 3-4:30pm


Our main agenda item will be reports from the working groups.  Please place a copy of your recommendations and working documents in G:\Gov Info Team\Planning Retreats folder before the meeting, and email this group when you have placed something in the folder.  Those who are not able to attend tomorrow's meeting can then review and comment by email.  Also, please bring copies to the meeting.

As a reminder, the groups and assignments are:

  • Service model/staffing (David, Kathleen, Merinda) - identify possible service model or models (including referrals/consultations and staffing)
  • Training (Beth, Karen, Kathleen) - identify competency levels and methods/approaches
  • Collections/Space/Equipment  (Jenny, Jo, Mary) - identify issues and propose solutions
  • Identity/Organizational model  (Beth, Mary, Jenny) - name, web presence, ideas for fostering cohesiveness across the new unit, collect and collate current job responsibilities of faculty and staff (see G:\Gov Info Team\Planning Retreats for notes from meeting on faculty responsibilities)

Future meetings:
At least three people have indicated on Oracle that they are unable to attend the meeting scheduled for 5/20 and have asked Chris to reschedule.