November 13, 2008 Minutes

Government Information Services Meeting

Present:  Janis L. Johnston (Team Leader), JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Mallory, Kevin McLaughlin, Beth Woodard, and Cherie Weible   (Absent: Mary Laskowski)

The main agenda item was working through the draft "Action Plan."  This plan is intended to define a workplan for the team and ensure that we don't overlook anything essential as our deliberations proceed.  Some items may be addressed in a different order than presented in the Action Plan and some (such as depository requirements and obligations) will infuse all stages of the discussion.  The action plan was revised and a number of items added.  It is anticipated that this Action Plan will continue to be revised as we proceed.

Other Business:

The length of the meeting will be changed from 1 hour to 1.5 hour, in case we need the extra time.

We will take turns taking minutes.  JoAnn will post minutes and other documents on the Team's website, but speculative discussions will not be included in the publicly posted minutes.

Mary Mallory and Cherie Weible volunteered to construct an internal survey of Library on their use of documents.  JoAnn offered to mount the survey on Webtools once the questions have been composed.

Assignments for the next meeting:

  • Mary Mallory will provide background information and citations to brief the Team on depository requirement before the next meeting.
  • At the next meeting, Mary Mallory and Kevin McLaughlin will report on the Government Document Library collections and services (including size of collection, reference statistics, influx of documents, size of backlog, footprint of reference services, and types of questions (broad topical area, statistic vs. legislative).
  • Beth Woodard will report on the type of Gov Docs questions the Info Desk receives.