May 7, 2009 Minutes

Here is a draft of the recommendations for our final report that we discussed at our meeting on 5/7.

We recommend:
  • The position vacated by David Griffiths' departure should stay in the new unit.
  • The establishment of models for coordination of efforts between the Scholarly Commons and Central Reference & Government Information Unit.
  • A retreat for members of the new unit to draft a new mission statement and statement of shared values.
  • Funding be allocated for marketing the new unit this summer.
  • Staff support should be provided for the Government Information Services Coordinator position.
  • Promotion of Kevin McLaughlin to an AP position in CAM.
  • The appointment of an interim unit head for 1 year to oversee the transition followed by a national search for a permanent unit head with experience in a combined reference and government information services library if possible.
  • Keeping student budgets separate for the first year as the unit works to establish a new workflow.
  • The Coordinate be the fund manager for government information.
  • A limited evaluation of the unit after six months followed by a more detailed evaluation after one year.
  • Physical proximity of offices if possible.  If not, other efforts be undertaken to facilitate communication, team building and training.