April 2, 2009 Minutes

Government Information Services Meeting

Perception that this is a merged service point; not merged unit; should new name for the merged unit be “Central Reference and Government Information Services”, “Reference and Government Information Services” or something else?

Implementation Teams?  Who are the proper people?

Public Services implementation subgroup

  • Members: Beth W., Mary M., Janis
  • next step is to have Docs and Ref librarians meet and prepare list of things to work through; prepare new shared mission statement; discuss areas of expertise, address issues, raise concerns
  • Assignment of subgroups w/ Janis and JoAnn facilitating
  • Meet with staff after initial meeting w/ Librarians
  • TARGET July 1 date for implementation

Tech Services implementation subgroup

  • Members: Janis, Mary M, Michael, David, Kevin
  • Workshop with:  Janis, JoAnn, Mary M., Kevin, Paula R., David, Michael, Lynn W., Stephanie Baker, Fang Gao, Dorey, Atoma, Gail, Qiang, MJ, Marek, Eleanor
  • Introductions, Model agreed upon; address issues; raise concerns
  • TARGET June 15th for implementation; space to be ready around that time period
  • Tech services subgroup should meet the week before with a list of “issues”; need to make working groups; Janis suggests using the “workshop style”

Focus Group subgroup met (JoAnn, Beth W., Cherié)

Focus Group Team - JoAnn, Beth W., Cherié

Draft of interview questions made and edited; IRB exemption form request going in; consent form completed; JoAnn to ask for additional hours for her grad hourly to take notes for the focus groups; JoAnn will send list of possible participants before our next meeting, please respond with additional suggestions.  MAry suggested a focus group consisting of just librarians? and perceptions of how their users need services?  This would be a great way for Mary to start launch her new roles as Coordinator, as a project for her advisory group.

Branding: New name, new acronym?  Economies of effort by combining the two units; more will be uncovered as workflow is addressed; There will be a period of transition to work through