January 15, 2009 Minutes

Government Information Services Meeting

Present: Beth Woodard, Kevin McLaughlin, Mary Mallory, JoAnn Jacoby and Janis Johnston attended.

We discussed briefly the information we had gathered from various library units that might be possible locales for government documents public services.  Included in this discussion was a recognition that government documents staffing will be changing and this will need to be considered as we look at the various models.  At our next meeting, we will try to review all of this information and rank the potential sites in order of preference.  

Once we have done the ranking we will begin to conduct focus groups and online surveys to gather reactions to the possible sites.  Two sub-groups of the task force will be appointed to arrange the focus groups and develop the surveys which we hope to conduct in mid-February and early March.

We decided to start maintaining a list of topics that will require our consideration before our task is complete.  Janis will maintain that list which as of this date includes:

  • Future of the government documents website
  • Changes if any to the location codes and labels for government documents
  • Responsibility for the U.N. and other international depository arrangements

The task force will not meet next week since many members attending ALA Mid-Winter.  In the interim, Janis will make sub-group assignments. We will invite Karen Hogenboom to attend part of  the January 29th meeting if her schedule permits.  We will ask Michael Norman to attend the February 5th meeting and Lynne Wiley to attend the meeting on February 12th.