Geology Planning & Implementation Team

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Background Documents

Geology Library serial collection use data: PowerPoint graphs [ pdf]

Maps to Oak Street presentation [pdf]

Physical Sciences and Engineering Division Discussion and Recommendations (Spring 2009)

School of Earth, Society, and Environment:

Geology Planning & Implementation Team Members:

Faculty from relevant units:

  • Jim Best (Professor, Geology and Geography)
  • Greg McFarquhar (Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Steve Marshak (Director, School of Earth, Society, and the Environment)

Library faculty:

  • Tina Chrzastowski (Chemistry Library), Team Leader
  • Lura Joseph (Geology Library)
  • Jenny Johnson (Map & Geography Library)
  • Bill Mischo (Grainger Library)
  • JoAnn Jacoby (Coordinator, New Service Model Programs), Administrative Liaison

Library staff:

  • Sheila McGowan (Geology Library)