Charge for Geology Planning & Implementation Team

Geology Planning & Implementation Team




Discussions regarding the future of library services supporting the geological and earth sciences have been ongoing with the School of Earth, Society, and the Environment since the departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, and Geography presented a proposal to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to form a School of Earth, Society, and Environment in May 2005.   As part of the New Service Models planning discussions in Spring 2009, these discussions coalesced into a proposal to close the Geology Library and integrate its collections and services with the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center. 




The Geology Planning & Implementation Team  is charged with facilitating engagement with the School of Earth, Society, and the Environment (SESE) community and other relevant campus stakeholders on planning for the future of Library services for the geological and earth sciences, and making recommendations specific to the integration of the Geology Library with the Grainger Library.

The Geology Planning & Implementation Team will:

  • Consult broadly with relevant academic communities to develop an understanding of the existing and emerging information needs in the geological and earth sciences;
  • Suggest opportunities for delivering the services identified above in the context of the integration into the Grainger Library facility;
  • Collaborate with the NSM Coordinator to plan the specific steps needed to implement the proposed service profile, provide a timeline for implementing these steps, and define staffing and resource needs and responsibilities;
  • Recommend a plan for assessing the effectiveness of any new service profile;
  • Serve as a steering committee to assist the Library in implementing these recommendations;
  • Provide a report of the Team's discussions and recommendations to the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries by December 15, 2009.


Faculty from relevant units:

  • Jim Best (Professor, Geology and Geography)
  • Greg McFarquhar (Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Steve Marshak (Director, School of Earth, Society, and the Environment)

Library faculty:

  • Tina Chrzastowski (Chemistry Library), Team Leader
  • Lura Joseph (Geology Library)
  • Jenny Johnson (Map & Geography Library)
  • Bill Mischo (Grainger Library)
  • JoAnn Jacoby (Coordinator, New Service Model Programs), Administrative Liaison

Library staff:

  • Sheila McGowan (Geology Library)

Resource people:

  • Michael B. Bragg (Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Administrative Affairs, College of Engineering)
  • Philip Best (Assoc. Dean for Biological, Physical, and Social and Behavioral 


Submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration:  July 2009
Approved by the Executive Committee:  August 10, 2009