Funding Requests

Funding Request Documents

Policies and Evaluation Criteria for NSM Funding Requests

Policies and Funding Priorities

Funds available to support New Service Model (NSM) Programs will be allocated by the Coordinator, New Service Model Programs in consultation with the Budget Group.   Requests which successfully address all of the criteria listed below will be given fullest consideration.  

The type of projects funded will vary, but may include facilities upgrades and remodeling, new  signage, short-term staffing to transfer, catalog and move materials, etc.   No recurring funds are available, so requests should be limited to one-time expenses or a plan for subsequent coverage of any recurring costs should be clearly articulated.  Request for funds to support collections (e.g., backfiles) should first be presented to the AUL for Collections for consideration.  Funding allocations can not be made retroactively for work already accomplished, or for expenses already incurred.

Funding requests should be submitted to the NSM Coordinator ( using the NSM Funding Request Form.

The Application Process

The application process is simple and straightforward:  complete the NSM Funding Request Form and submit your request to the Coordinator, NSM Programs ( by email attachment.

Please allow within 2-3 weeks for your request to be considered.  Applications may be submitted at any time.

When preparing applications, carefully review all instructions provided in NSM Funding Request Form, as well as the Policies and Evaluation Criteria for NSM Funding Requests.

Applicants are urged to seek the assistance of Coordinator, NSM Programs (  in preparing their proposals.

Report on Completion of the Project

All recipients of NSM funding are required to submit a brief narrative report and a detailed accounting of expenditure as soon as the project is completed or the funds are expended.  If the project is completed early, with funds still remaining, please report this to the NSM Coordinator immediately, so the encumbered funds can be returned to the NSM pool and awarded to someone else.

Criteria for the Evaluation of NSM Funding Requests

  • Relevance to specific NSM service programs or the principles articulated in the NSM planning process, see " Principles for Decision Making for New Service Model Programs."
  • Does this proposal effectively leverage other available resources to accomplish the task at hand? What other existing funds or staff have will contribute to this effort?
  • Impact and cost effectiveness. Do the benefits and expected impact justify the cost? Has relevant data been presented to justify the cost and predict the impact?
  • Is this request essential to the success of this particular initiative? Can it be delayed without incurring undue negative risk or does it need to be done now? Are the schedules of other initiatives dependent on completing this in a timely manner?
  • Balancing overall priorities and needs. Does this allocation help maintain a balance of investments among all the elements of the New Service Model Program?

Rubric for evaluating requests

Evaluation Criteria Score
(1=low, 2=medium, 3=high)
Relevance to NSM program and principles   
Effective use of other available resources    
Impact - Well documented benefit/assessment of future impact    
        Cost effectiveness (cost:benefit)   
Is this essential to the success of this service program?    
    Importance/urgency with regard to other NSM programs?   
Balance of investments across program
(note that this evaluation may be extrinsic to the request)