Charge for CPLA Library - ACES Library Implementation Team


The CPLA Library - ACES Library Implementation Team will coordinate the consolidation of Library services and collections currently provided in the CPLA Library into the ACES Library. In order to facilitate this consolidation of Library programs, the committee will:

  1. prepare a rough estimate of costs associated with this consolidation of services in order to inform budgetary requests and planning;
  2. identify how to most effectively integrate CPLA Library collections into the ACES Library, including plans for shelving and display of circulating, serial, and reference materials;
  3. collaborate with faculty and staff in the Special Collections Division to identify a plan for bringing rare and special collections materials currently housed in the CPLA Library under appropriate intellectual and curatorial control in order to facilitate access and long-term preservation of materials;
  4. consult with faculty, staff, and/or students in the College of Fine and Applied Arts to identify a public service program appropriate to the design disciplines and articulate how that program may be delivered, both within the ACES Library and through digital means;
  5. consult with faculty, staff, and/or students in the College of ACES to identify the opportunities for the identification of Library public space appropriate to the needs of FAA faculty and students, but consistent with the needs of an ACES named facility; and,
  6. create a plan for the transfer of materials and services from the CPLA Library that will allow the Library to vacate the CPLA Library space in Mumford Hall no later than June 30, 2008


Item (1) should be completed as soon as possible, and no later than January 31, 2008, in order to facilitate discussions about project funding;

Items (2) and (3) should be completed by March 30, 2008, in order to allow sufficient time to plan for transfer of materials during May - June 2008. If feasible, selective transfer of materials may begin prior to May 2008.

Items (4) and (5) should be completed in time for the delivery of a plan for any proposed changes to the ACES Library facility to Library Administration by May 15, 2008.


  • Sue Searing, Social Sciences Division Coordinator, Team Leader
  • Pat Allen, ACES Library
  • Mike Andrejasich, Associate Dean, College of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Matt Emmert, Library Facilities
  • Laura Lawson, Department of Landscape Architecture
  • Jing Liao, Ricker Architecture and Art Library
  • Charles Olson, Assistant Dean, College of ACES
  • Elizabeth Sweet, Department of Urban & Regional Planning
  • Barb Trumpinski-Roberts, ACES Library
  • Joe Zumalt, CPLA Library
  • Scott Walter, Associate University Librarian for Services (ex officio)

Approved by Executive Committee, 12/14/2007