LIS Journal Transfers Memo

From: Tom Teper
Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 12:47 PM
Subject: LIS Library Journal transfers (Part One)

Attached please find a list of currently received print periodicals in the LIS Library. This list contains 93 titles, which is about half of the LIS Library’s current periodicals. Part 2 of the list will be shared in the first weeks of April.

As we implement new service models that include the closure of libraries and dispersal of their print collections, it becomes necessary to find new homes for currently received periodicals. This process is complicated by the recommendation of the Stacks Services Team, approved by EC, that all currently received periodicals be shelved in departmental libraries and the periodicals display area of the Main Stacks cease to exist. This implementation team is still working.

Sue Searing is diligently examining the current periodicals in LIS, and she has already reduced the number significantly. Elsevier and Haworth titles, for example, have been flipped to e-only. Many newsletters received as gifts are now available as open access publications on the web; the University Library will no longer retain such LIS-related newsletters in print format. The attached list includes notes about other potential cancellations and/or flips.

The list indicates Sue’s recommendations for new homes, based on the subject matter of the periodical and/or its relevance to librarians working in particular units.

Some important points to remember as we move forward with these transfers:

  • LIS Funds will continue to pay for these subscriptions.
  • Staff at the new location will be responsible for shelving and binding.
  • All titles which are currently "received direct" in the LIS Library will be set up for check-in through Acquisitions.
  • The new location does not have to house the bound volumes, only the current issues. The bound back files of these titles will, for the most part, reside in Stacks or Oak St.
  • If a location wishes to house the back files, Sue will be happy to transfer them.
  • We do recognize that the potential exists that items transferred as part of this process might be transferred again as the NSM process progresses. However, we do need to begin moving forward with this process and do not believe that we can delay this aspect of the implementation.

Please take a look at the spreadsheet. Then, let Sue and me know the person in your unit with whom the LIS Library staff should work to facilitate the transfers. As you know, the LIS Library will close on May 15, so there is some urgency to get the transfers underway to avoid disrupting access.

If you have concerns or questions about this process, please contact me (

Thank You,

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