Followup to the Biology Report

The Biology and Life Sciences Team Implementation Report was approved by the Library Executive Committee on July 29th.

As per the recommendations in the report, the Biology Library in Burrill Hall will close in May 2011.  The focal point for Library services for the biology and the life sciences will shift to the Isacc Funk Family Library with the biology librarian also having an active presence within the user communities, including office hours in Burrill Hall.

This decision was grounded in the declining use of traditional Library services in the Biology Library, the opportunities to explore new partnerships with the Schools of Life Sciences and other users of biological information sources and services, and the need to identify sustainable approaches to the long-term staffing and support of Library services across the Urbana Campus during this time of constrained human and financial resources.

The Team included faculty from the Schools of Integrative Biology (SIB) and Molecular and Cellular Biology (SMCB).  The Schools shared independent proposals for use of the space. Using areas of mutual agreement as a foundation, a preliminary joint proposal was created identifying collaborative use of the space. The two schools will recommend to the Provost's office that the space be reassigned to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean for allocation to the two schools (SIB and SMCB) for undergraduate centered activities, such as advising areas, learning centers, discussion space and computer labs.  The Library intends to vacate the space in Burrill by December 2011 and that it can be reassigned effective January 2012.