Biology and Life Sciences Implementation Team

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Biology and Life Sciences Implementation Team Members 

Campus faculty and academic staff:

  • Melissa Michael, Director for Core Curriculum and Assistant Director for Undergraduate Instruction, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Fred Delcomyn, former Director of School of Integrative Biology, physiology, neurobiology, and entomology,*
  • John MacMullen, GSLIS, Bioinformatics Steering Committee*
  • Matthew Tomaszewski, LAS, Associate Dean, Facilities and Space

Library faculty:

  • Susan Avery, Undergraduate Library (Team Leader)
  • Pat Allen, Funk Family Library*
  • Mary Laskowski, Information Processing and Management
  • Diane Schmidt, Biology Library*
  • JoAnn Jacoby, NSM Coordinator (Administrative Liaison)

Library staff:

  • Barb Trumpinski, Funk Family Library
  • Jeff Schrader, Library Facilities
* served on Planning Team