Planning for New Library Service Models

Review Process and Timeline

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The Budget Plus Group has developed the following process to ensure transparency in its deliberations and input from Library faculty and staff, as well as from other campus stakeholders.


  1. Proposals to Budget Plus Group received by September 14, 2007
    • Proposals will be grouped logically and discussed by the group. If a submitter is part of the group, he or she will be present only to answer questions. All submitters will recuse themselves during discussions of the proposals they submitted.
    • The group will use a consensus building approach to reaching decisions
    • Units that will be impacted by a proposal in the draft will be alerted in advance of the draft's posting
  2. Brief summaries of all proposals will be posted to the Library faculty and staff by the end of September, with an invitation for input
  3. Input received the following week
  4. Meeting with the Executive Committee to discuss proposals and input received
  5. Draft plan completed by the end of October.
    1. Review from Executive Committee
    2. Comments invited from:
      1. Library faculty and staff
      2. Council of Deans
      3. Senate Committee on the Library
      4. Library Long-Range Advisory Committee
      5. University Librarian's Student Advisory Committee
  6. Input considered and plan, with time schedule, completed by December 31, 2007 for use in budget document
  7. Plan discussed with relevant campus constituencies during early Spring semester
  8. University Librarians receives final recommendations related to plan from EC and Budget Plus Group and adjusts as deemed appropriate