Planning for New Library Service Models

Proposals for Change

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The need to embrace new service models has driven a variety of discussions of organizational change in the University Library over the past 5 years, and has resulted in the Library-wide discussion of proposals including the “Access Services Report” and the "Scholarly Commons Report."

More recently, each Library Division was asked to prepare a report on opportunities for new approaches to Library service for discussion at meetings of the Library's Administrative Council during Summer 2007. Following this lengthy and inclusive process of discussion and review, and prompted by campus-wide discussions led by the Provost of the need to embrace new models that will allow each College to build on strengths while also freeing resources for reallocation to strategic goals, we are prepared to begin identifying concrete organizational changes meant to support our goal of designing exemplary Library services for the 21st century.

At the beginning of the Fall 2007 semester, the Library Executive Committee and an expanded Library Budget Group (Budget Plus Group) began reviewing various proposals for new service models that were submitted to the Library administration over the past 24 months, with the goal of identifying concrete organizational changes that represent both the commitment to enhancing services to users and the need to achieve economies in the Library budget as part of the Provost's campus-wide review of budgetary allocations and strategic priorities.

At the same time, the University Librarian issued a call to the entire UIUC Library community for proposals for new service models. These new proposals were due to the University Librarian by September 14, 2007. Nearly 70 proposals were received and are under review by the Budget Plus Group and the Executive Committee.