Recommendations for Changes to the Organization and the University Library

Final Report and Recommendations of the Budget Group Plus

April 21, 2008


Recommendations for Changes to the Organization and the University Library

The following proposals reflect ongoing discussions about the organizational structure and culture of the University Library, as facilitated, beginning in early 2007, by external consultants from the Renewal and Transformation Group (RTG). The Budget Group recognizes that one or more of these proposals would require review and/or revision of the University Library By-Laws, and would require appropriate oversight by organs of faculty governance.

20. Include Library Staff Representatives on Appropriate Library Committees

Most Library services are supported jointly by Library faculty, Academic Professionals, and Civil Service Staff. Several current committees include representatives of faculty and staff, and others have in the past. Committing to broad representation on all appropriate committees, task forces, etc., will improve communication among Library personnel and will result in improved services to our users. The Budget Group Plus recommends that the Library Executive Committee pay special attention to including appropriate staff representation on New Service Models implementation teams. The Budget Group Plus further recommends that inclusion of staff representation on all appropriate committees continue as a guiding principle for all committees, task forces, etc., routinely created by Executive Committee, Administrative Council, and other standing committees of the University Library.

21. Review and Re-Align the Divisional Structure

Library Divisions play a central role in faculty governance and faculty affairs, dissemination of information across the Library, and fostering collaboration and community among Library faculty and staff. The Budget Group Plus has received feedback from faculty and staff across the Library suggesting the need for a comprehensive review of the current divisional structure owing to increasing overlap among areas such as Physical and Life Sciences, Central Public Services and Technical Services, etc. The Budget Group Plus recommends that the Library Executive Committee initiate this review as soon as possible with the goal of ensuring continued support for Library faculty and staff, and for shared governance, within an organizational structure less likely to perpetuate existing divisions, both among disciplinary groupings, and between disciplinary groupings and central service groupings. The Budget Group Plus recognizes that a re-alignment of the divisional structure will have significant implications for a number of standing committees and governance activities, and recommends that the review process identify instances where representative committee memberships, etc., will need to likewise be reviewed and revised.

22. Review and Re-Align Decision-Making Structures

The University’s focus on strategic investments and measurable outcomes requires prompt and coherent responses to requests for new ideas, information, and proposals for new programs. The Library’s dual role as an academic unit and a service unit requires there to be a close working relationship between its policy-setting and administrative leadership groups. The Budget Group Plus recommends that the Library Executive Committee initiate a thorough review of current decision-making structures, and identify a group responsible for preparing information routinely required to support decisions about strategic investments.

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