Relocation of Materials

Jul 2, 2009

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems serving The Rare Book & Manuscript Library within the University Library will be replaced in the first quarter of 2010.  This is the final remediation step in response to a mold outbreak which occurred in 2008.  It is critical that the University ensure that such a disaster never occurs again. 

As a result of the HVAC systems replacement, Rare Book & Manuscript Library materials will be relocated to a new section of the building where temperature and humidity can be better controlled.  The new vault area for rare material will enhance security and environmental controls.  Materials in the Main Stacks will be moved to alternate locations within the Stacks or to the Oak Street Library Facility.  The high density storage unit on Oak Street, with its compact shelving and state-of-the art climate control system, will house low-circulation materials.  Items relocated to Oak Street will have their bibliographic access enhanced.

The University Library has been working closely with subject specialists on the reorganization plan.  Relocation of materials from The Rare Book & Manuscript Library, within the Main Stacks, and to the Oak Street Library Facility will be completed by February 26, 2010.  Work on replacing the outdated HVAC systems is scheduled to begin on March 1. 

University Library patrons will be directed to the new location for Rare Book & Manuscript Library items and applicable materials in the Main Stacks. 

The Library apologizes for any inconvenience this reorganization causes.  The Library is committed to providing proper stewardship for its most valuable cultural collections. 

For additional information, please contact Tom Teper, associate university librarian for collections & associate dean of libraries, at (217) 333-0318 or

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