Bronze Tablets Digitized

Mar 12, 2008

Bronze Tablets Digitized and Available for Purchase as Prints

The Library is pleased to announce the digitization of the 80 Bronze Tablets located in the Main Library Hallway. These tablets recognize the sustained academic achievement of a select group of undergraduate students from the Urbana campus. The images and names, which are fully searchable, can be viewed on the Digital Services and Development website. 

For those interested in purchasing the images, the Library and Illini Union Bookstore (IUB) are partnering to offer full-sized prints of the tablets. To order, visit this link on the IUB website. The unframed prints sell for $60, and the Library and IUB soon hope to offer a framed version. $25 from the sale of each print supports additional digitization work in the Library.

The Library wishes to acknowledge the following individuals for their hard work on this project:

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