Library Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Jul 17, 2008

The Library has exceeded its Brilliant Futures campaign goal of $30 million; as of June 30, the Library has raised $32,177,585.55. The Library is the second unit on campus to meet its Brilliant Futures fundraising goal. We'd like to thank all the donors who have so generously contributed to this campaign as well as all the library staff who have worked so hard to help us exceed our goal. We quickly met our goal in large part due to the hard work of Paula Kaufman, Lyn Jones, Vicki Trimble, Roxanne Frey, Joyce Wright, Cindy Ashwill, and everyone who worked with and/or thanked our donors for their support-great work everyone! We will continue to set laudable fundraising goals and your continued support of the library will ensure we achieve them. Onwards to $40 million!

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