RefWorks Upgrade

May 12, 2008

On Friday, May 2, RefWorks released exciting new feature upgrades to its service.  These enhancements are available instantly to all RefWorks users.

RefWorks Enhancement Highlights

Write-N-Cite III for Windows with Off-line Capabilities

Write-N-Cite III for Windows optional plug-in provides single document formatting (and unformatting) as well as the ability to write and format a paper completely offline! Simply download your RefWorks database within Write-N-Cite while online, then feel free to disconnect from the internet. Full Write-N-Cite functionality is available: inserting temporary citation placeholders, viewing reference information, using the citation editor, even formatting your paper in the output style you choose, all without accessing the internet.  Download the new Write-N-Cite III for Windows from within your RefWorks account by selecting Tools, Write-N-Cite.

Write-N-Cite v2.5 for Mac

The latest Mac version of Write-N-Cite is fully available. This version 2.5 works with Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac and the Leopard operating system, and it has the same features as the current Write-N-Cite for Mac (citation editing, two document format, etc.). Download the new version from within your RefWorks account by selecting Tools, Write-N-Cite.

Attachment Feature

All users receive 100 MB of default storage space, and now it’s even easier to store your research documents along with your references! You can attach any type of file: the only requirement is that you have the software necessary to view the attachment.  For information on how to attach files to references, see the Online help section, "Adding References Manually", or review the RefWorks Basics tutorial section, "Entering References Manually."


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