I3 Open House

Sep 29, 2009

The Illinois Informatics Institute (I 3) will host an open house on Thursday, October 1, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in its new location, Room 306 Main Library.

The event will provide opportunities for faculty members to network, discuss collaborative projects, and learn more about resources available to support research. It will feature poster sessions highlighting I 3-sponsored projects as well as presentations by members of I 3, I-CHASS (Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences) and CII (Community Informatics Initiative), a joint endeavor between I 3 and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Faculty members with existing I 3 projects will be available to discuss their research and ideas for collaboration on future grants.

The new location is adjacent to the University Library’s Scholarly Commons, which will offer a variety of services related to e-learning, scholarly communications, data curation, and digital content creation.  It provides a central, accessible, and convenient location for faculty members engaged in informatics-related teaching and research.
Chartered in 2007, I 3 continues to serve the campus by:

•    fostering multidisciplinary collaboration;
•    offering informatics courses and academic programs;
•    sponsoring research and technology development;
•    providing support for informatics-related speakers and events;
•    facilitating collaboration, internships, recruiting, and other activities involving corporate partners.

The University Library is a founding partner in the Illinois Informatics Institute.

For more information, visit www.informatics.illinois.edu/display/i3openhouse/Home.

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